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Lead Apron, Lead Glasses, and X-ray Protection Equipment

Infab Corporation has been an innovator and leader in the radiation protection industry since our inception in 1981.  We produce superior lead apron and radiation protection equipment and strive for world-class customer service.

Lead Gloves Vs. Lead Cream: Protect Yourself From Radiation

Lead Gloves vs. Lead Cream: Protect Yourself from Radiation

The effects of being repeatedly exposed to medical radiation are potentially serious for the healthcare…

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Memorial Day 2015

We will be closed Friday (5/23) & Monday (5/25)

Infab will be closed all day Friday, May 23rd and Monday, May 25th, in observance of Memorial Day and in honor of all who have served their country in the past and all who are serving today.

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Infab May 2015 Lead Apron Update

May Update Video

Updates including AHRA, Colors, Zip-Top cassette covers and more.

May Update