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Infab Corporation has been an innovator and leader in the radiation protection industry since our inception in 1981.  We produce superior lead apron and radiation protection equipment and strive for world-class customer service.

New Infab Address: 1040 Avenida Acaso, Camarillo, CA 93012 – VIDEO: See the new building

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International Quote Requests

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Marketplace Interventional Cardiologist Interview

NPR Marketplace Interview

Dr. Prospero Gogo, Jr. — interventional cardiologist, was recently interviewed by NPR Marketplace’s David Brancaccio wearing the Infab Revolution Vest & Skirt.

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Scatter Armor Shields

Scatter Armor Shields

Scatter Armor Shields provide scatter radiation protection for radial and many other types of procedures. KIARMOR Bi-Layer is the most protective core material against scatter radiation.

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