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10 New Patterns For 2020!

10 New Patterns For 2020!

Thinking about mixing things up with some new patterns or designs? Why not celebrate the New Year in style with these 10 new patterns! These designs pair up perfectly with all our garments. For a closer look, see our video above!

Tropical Avocado SH-49

It’s time to Guac “N” Roll with this tropical and avocado themed pattern.

avocado 2

Colorful Cats SH-50

The purrfect design for cat lovers. This design shows sophisticated cats, with an artsy and colorful vibe.

cats 36x36

Dice SH-51

Let the good times roll, enjoy every minute with this fun design. These dice in motion feature colors such as purple and yellow.

dice 1

Mixed Dogs SH-52

Man’s best friend, because who doesn’t love cute dogs? This pattern embodies pastel colored dogs enjoying life to the fullest.

dogs 1

Happy Hippo SH-53

I Promise… this will make you hipper than a hippopotamus. This image shows smiling Hippos, with a wonderful floral design in the background.

hippo 1

Lightning SH-54

With thunder, there is always lightning. This pattern shows white lighting tearing up the sky on a dark night.

lightning 1

Ocean Life SH-55

I need vitamin sea. This image portrays the colors and true beauty of life under the sea.

ocean life

Rubber Ducks SH-56

Release the quackin’ with the perfect summertime theme. This design shows a classic rubber ducky floating in a pool on a hot and sunny day.

rubber ducky
rubber ducky 1

Electric Steel SH-57

The strongest steel must endure the hottest flame. This image features a cold steel panel with streams of electricity flowing through it.

steel 36x36

Wine Grapes SH-58

Because Wine Not? This image features beautiful wine grapes hanging from fresh vines.

wine 1
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