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Category III CE Mark

Category III CE Mark

Infab products are now marked with the prestigious category III CE Mark. Labeling a product with the category III CE Mark means that Infab has obtained two prestigious certificates. The product has been tested under strict EC-type examination, and certified that is it in accordance with the Council Directive 89/686/EEC (Personal Protective Equipment). In other words, the products have been tested and certified, receiving an Article 10 certificate. The Manufacturer facility (Infab headquarters in Camarillo, CA) has received the Article 11B certification. The Article 11B verifies that Infab has a “system for ensuring EC quality of production by means of monitoring, and the manufacturer has his quality control system approved by a Notified Body  (ISO:9001 certification)”.

Article 10 & 11B Certificates

The combination of these two highly regarded certifications (Article 10 and Article 11B) qualifies Infab Corporation to use the category III CE Mark!

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