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Health Canada Safety Code 35

Safety Code 35Are you certain that your protective aprons are in full compliance with Health Canada’s new Safety Code 35?

Infab is pleased to introduce our new Smart Armor HC 35™ line of products, the only radiation protection aprons tested by an independent Health Physics lab and certified to meet or exceed .50mm lead equivalency at 150kVp.

HPNWBelow are the attenuation results performed on the samples submitted to Health Physics Northwest. These samples were evaluated in accordance with ASTM test Method F 2547-06 on October 7, 2011 at our office utilizing a Trex TM50 high frequency X-ray generator.
Apron Front Sample Information 130kVp 140kVp 150kVp
Smart Armor 175 Green 93.5% 93.2% 92.7%
Smart Armor 175 Composite 95.4% 95.2% 95.0%
Smart Armor 175 100% Lead 95.9% 94.5% 94.1%
Apron Back Sample Information 130kVp 140kVp 150kVp
Smart Armor 175 Green 87.4% 85.8% 84.4%
Smart Armor 175 Composite 87.6% 86.0% 84.7%
Smart Armor 175 100% Lead 89.5% 88.6% 87.8%

Attenuation results for various thicknesses of lead

The radiation protection garment industry is moving away from a lead equivalency specification when stating the protective properties of the garments. The industry is moving toward an attenuation standard. The data in the table below approximates the attenuation provided by various thicknesses of lead for different X-ray tube kVp settings; however, data of this type is specific to the X-ray tube and generator used to make the measurements.

Health Physics Northwest’s measurement protocol is compliant with the ASTM test Method F 2547-06 standard for determining attenuation.

Thickness of Lead (mm)
130kVp 140kVp 150kVp
82.1% 80.3% 79.1%
85.7% 84.3% 83.2%
87.9% 86.7% 85.7%
92.4% 91.7% 91.0%
93.9% 93.2% 92.7%
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