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How To Store Your Lead Apron

How to store your lead apron

Proper storage of your lead apron is important to ensuring they last longer and that they are not weakened by creasing and damage. Using a lead apron rack is the best way to ensure your aprons remain strong enough to provide the necessary protection against radiation. It also offers an easy way of keeping your different aprons organized.

Damage Caused by Improper Storage

If you fold a lead apron it can cause cracks. Even something as apparently as innocuous as a single crease when done on a regular basis can cause the lead to crack. The cracks occur along the areas where the apron was regularly folded. The end result is that your investment now no longer meets regulations that require certain levels of protection to patients or yourself.

The Lead Apron Rack

lead apron rack 10 arm 683429Using a lead apron rack is the best solution to ensuring the lifespan of your investment. Because they are hanging instead of being folded on a shelf, there are no unnecessary stress point on the body of the apron. One of the reasons folding can do so much damage is because lead aprons are heavy. That adds extra stress, causing the cracking that you wouldn’t encounter with a regular cloth apron. The lead apron rack completely eliminates this problem by letting gravity keep the apron straight.

There are a number of different types of racks. One of the most popular types is the wall-mounted peg lead apron rack. It is sturdy and out of the way. You can put them to the side of the room and into smaller areas so that the lead aprons are not knocked off of the rack. You can get a wall-mounted rack that can hold between one and four aprons, depending on how many you need to store.

lead apron rack RevolutionThere are also more traditional lead apron racks that work like a coat rack or a closet space. Most of them are mobile, so that you can wheel them into an area before a project and then move them into a closet so that they are out of the way when you are done. Each lead apron rack has specially designed hooks and hangers that help to evenly distribute the weight to avoid damage to the shoulders of the aprons.

Lead aprons are an important investment. Whether they are for you and your employees or patients, you have to make sure that the aprons offer the maximum amount of protection against exposure to radiation. Proper storage is essential for ensuring the aprons continue to provide the right levels of protection.

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