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How To Store Your Lead Apron

How to Store Your Lead Apron

INFAB makes radiation protection aprons with lead or lead-free core material covered with exterior nylon or stretchable fabric. We design these materials to work together to protect and keep you comfortable during procedures. However, aprons must be stored properly to ensure the longevity of the protective core material. 

Do not Crease or Fold the Apron

The inner core material is designed to provide protection and flexibility but not be folded or creased for an extended period. A consistent unintended crease in a lead apron will cause damage or cracks in the core, allowing areas for harmful radiation exposure. 

Apron Inspection Failure

Though damage or cracks may be small to start, they can cause the apron to fail inspections and not meet the standard radiation exposure regulations, resulting in the need to replace the apron.

Prevent Damage with an Apron Rack

Using a lead apron rack is the best way to keep your aprons in good shape, providing the necessary protection against radiation exposure. In addition, proper placement on the apron rack hanger eliminates unnecessary stress on the apron and inner core material.

Mobile Apron Racks 

Mobile apron racks allow you to move your apron inventory around the facility conveniently. They include hangers that help distribute the apron weight and store the apron properly.

Racks for Small Spaces

The wall-mounted peg lead apron racks are an excellent option for smaller areas with the ability to hold 2, 6, or 8 aprons. 

Protect Your Investment

Proper storage is essential for ensuring your lead aprons provide the maximum level of protection, pass regulatory inspections and prolong the life of your apron.

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