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The Importance Of Wearing Lead Glasses

The Importance of Wearing Lead Glasses

Post Series: Radiation Exposure

Importance of Protective Eyewear

X-Ray is beneficial in diagnosing diseases, however repeated exposure to radiation can put us at risk of tissue damage. We are all exposed to minimal doses of background radiation throughout our lifetime, Radiation based practitioners are exposed significantly more often and face a greater risk of tissue damage.

How can we protect our eyes?

Wearing protective aprons and thyroid collars is now common practice, but our eyes are also an important body part to protect. The best way to protect eyes are glasses with leaded lenses. Radiation exposure may not be felt for years or even decades after the exposure. You may not be experiencing the effects of radiation daily, but this does not minimize the importance of protection.

Ionizing radiation is the type of radiation that can cause us harm. It has enough energy to alter our atoms and cause tissue damage. At Infab, we are hyper-focused on scatter radiation affecting the lives of people in the healthcare industry. The exposure of the eye to this type of radiation is no different. Therefore, lead glasses should always be worn in order to ensure proper protection. See more information on scatter radiation here.

What are the effects of exposure to the eye?

The most common effect of repeated radiation dose exposure to the eyes is cataracts. Cataracts is the clouding of the lens of the eye. It is known to impact vision but it is a slow process so you may not see the impacts of cataracts right away. Again, since you may not experience the symptoms of radiation doses immediately, it is important to get proper protection right away.

How do we solve the problem?

Infab offers lead glasses in a variety of styles, brands, and colors to fit the way you want to wear your radiation protection glasses. Our popular Nike line of glasses now has new styles and colorways. This is a stylish and comfortable way to protect your eyes against harmful ionizing radiation. We have different styles of Fitover glasses as well; these fit over most glasses to protect your eyes from radiation while wearing the same glasses you already do daily .To learn more about which glasses are best for you, download our Lead Glasses Buyer Guide here. To view our full selection of glasses click here.

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