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Jacobs Institute Partnership

Infab Corporation & the Jacobs Institute believe transdisciplinary collaboration is central to the development of technology. Together, our organizations are working proactively to develop cutting-edge solutions to further radiation safety.

The Jacobs Institute aims to provide a safe and comfortable training environment for their guests. For more information about INFAB RADIATION SAFETY at the Jacobs Institute, click here. “

“The Jacobs Institute is proud to have Infab lead products in our facility. Having JI logo-branded, light-weight lead and lead-free aprons to off er our guests provides another level of customer service. Physicians and industry representatives who attend clinical education programs at other facilities notice an immediate diff erence with the Infab lead we provide them. It’s fresh, safe, and more comfortable to wear for the hours they spend in the hospital or training center. Jacobs Institute-branded lead shields make safety more attractive and leave customers with a lasting impression.”

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