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Protect Your Eyes With Lead Glasses

Protect Your Eyes with Lead Glasses

Interventional Radiologists, Cardiologists and medical staff who stand close to the patient and X-ray source are at high risk for radiation associated cataract.

INFAB offers a complete array of lead glass eye protection and lead glass fitover frames. These attractive, stylish frames all meet the industry standard of 0.75mm lead equivalency radiation safety glass. Lead glass lenses provide protection from harmful radiation exposure.

  • Prescription: We offer plano, single vision, bifocal, and bifocal progressive options.
  • Frames: Wide variety of frames from top designers for all face sizes.
  • Protection: All lead glasses have .75 mm LE protection, including front and side protection  models.
  • Nike Frames:  Complete line of Nike frames, constantly updating.
  • Personalization: Add your name to your Infab glasses. 

Now you can protect your eyes with lightweight, comfortable and stylish glasses by Infab.

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