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KIARMOR Bi-Layer National Physical Laboratory Test Results

KIARMOR Bi-Layer Low-Lead NPL Test Results

KIARMOR Bi-layer Low-Lead NPL Testing
KIARMOR Bi-Layer Low-Lead NPL Testing Results
Download KIARMOR Bi-Layer Low-Lead NPL Test Results

KIARMOR Bi-Layer Lead-Free NPL Test Results

KIARMOR Bi-layer Lead-Free NPL Testing
KIARMOR Bi-Layer Lead-Free NPL Testing Results
Download KIARMOR Bi-Layer Lead-Free NPL Test Results

MSDS: Revolution Scrubbles

MSDS Revolution Scrubbles

Revolution Safety Data Sheet
Download MSDS Revolution Scrubbles

Infab ISO:2008 Certificate

ISO 2016 Certificate

Certification date: December 04, 2016; Valid until: September 2018.
Download Infab ISO:2008 Certificate

BLOXR Technical Asessment

Bloxr Technical Assessment

The BLOXR XPF Thyroid shield does not provide the claimed 0.5 mm LE protection, it tested at 0.29 mm LE.
Download BLOXR Technical Assessment

Lead Apron Inspection: Practical Rejection Model

lead apron inspection: practical rejection model
A model by which defects in lead aprons may easily be evaluated on a routine basis.
Download Inspection of Lead Aprons: A Practical Rejection Model

Lead and Lead Free Radiation Attenuation

Radiation attenuation shielding

Study of Lead (Pb)-based and non-Pb radiation shielding materials, calculated spectra and ambient dose equivalent
Download BLOXR Technical Assessment

National Radiation Laboratory Lead Free Rebuttal

National Radiation Laboratory New Zealand Lead Free
Rebuttal to Muir Lead-Free report.
Download National Radiation Laboratory Rebuttal

China Registration Certificate for Medical Device

China lead apron certificates
Chinese Registration Certificate for Medical Devices
Download Registration Certificate

Non-lead Aprons for Interventional Procedures

Lead free apron interventional
Radiation protection effects of commercially available protective lead and non-lead aprons, when exposed to diagnostic X rays, are compared.
Download Study

Evaluation of Radial Angiography Absorption Drape

Angiography Drape
Dedicated radial shielding drapes decrease radiation exposure to the operator by 72%.
View Angiography Drape Study
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