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Occupational Hazards In Interventional Cardiology

Occupational Hazards in Interventional Cardiology

Every day brings with it new medical advances, enabling you as doctors, nurses, and technicians to provide more precise and effective care to your patients. However, your body could be paying a heavy price for it. Though the patient’s health and safety is your primary concern as caregivers, the patients themselves are only in the operating room for a relatively brief period of time, and thus the effects of radiation are minimal. You, on the other hand, are there for multiple procedures a day, many days a week, throughout the year. Along with the inherent stress this causes, you are also faced with exposure to blood borne pathogens, skeletal and orthopedic strain, and, of course, a far higher exposure to radiation than many people. The dangers of chronic radiation exposure are manifold; even in low, controlled doses, repeated encounters with ionizing radiation can have stochastic health effects on those around it, including an increased risk for cancer or genetic mutation, the latter of which could potentially be passed onto your children.

The Problem With Traditional Aprons

While lead aprons help to decrease the likelihood of the above health risks, they bring with them another, often overlooked issue: orthopedic complications. A study by the Interventional Committee of the Society for Cardiac Angiography and Interventions surveyed 1,600 interventional cardiologists, and found that 42% reported spinal problems, and 28% of operators noted problems in the knees, hips, or ankles. Additionally, over a third of the participants reported spinal problems so severe as to interfere with their ability to even make it to work.

 Why choose Infab?

Infab Corporation has developed the Revolution line of X-ray lead aprons that are not only the lightest in weight for their protection levels, but the most comfortable and form-fitting. Designed with the user in mind, Revolution aprons offer the most comfort options of any apron on the market today. Revolution aprons offer customers unrivaled comfort while maintaining the highest standards for protection. While we may not be able to make your job less stressful, we’ve made it our priority to ensure you remain safe in every sense, and our aprons are designed to do just that– eliminate the strain typical of older, heavier models while still offering you full protection.

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