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Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant Spray

Clorox Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectant Spray is sold to our medical customers only. We do not sell these products to the general public.
There will be no cancellations or refunds on orders.

Disinfectant spray made with a patented hydrogen-peroxide formula, designed to meet the cleaning and disinfecting needs of operating rooms (ORs).


EPA-registered to kill 34 microorganisms, including those that cause more than 60% of surgical site infections (SSIs)


Every second counts in the OR, so you need disinfecting products that work as fast as you do. Clorox Healthcare™ Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner Disinfectants are ready to use and have disinfecting times as fast as 30 seconds:

  • Up to 20x shorter contact times* vs. leading concentrated disinfectants (10 minute contact times)
  • Up to 4x shorter contact times* vs. PDI® Super Sani-Cloth®


With frequent surgery turnover and the presence of blood, tissue and other body fluids, ensuring a clean and disinfected operating room is of utmost importance. Clorox Healthcare™ Hydrogen Peroxide Cleaner disinfectants:

  • Clean and disinfect in one step
  • Cut down OR cleaning time
  • Superior cleaning on blood versus PDI® Super Sani-Cloth®
  • Customers report excellent cleaning of blood and body fluids in the OR

Great Aesthetics

No harsh chemical fumes or odors, with a patient- and staff-friendly scent.


Suitable for use in perioperative settings.

Broad Surface Compatibility

Approved for use on a broad range of operating room surfaces, including:

  • Stainless Steel
  • Glazed Tile
  • Plastic
  • Vinyl
  • Chrome


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