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FITOVERS® brand, Lotus

Wrap-around Design Radiation Protection Lead Glasses

Fits frames not exceeding 141mm width x 40mm height.

  • .75mm Pb Eq.
  • Wrap around Radiation protection
  • Hypo-allergenic Crystal Nylon™ Frame
  • Velcro carrying case with sport clip
  • Detachable neck cord
  • Micro-fiber cleaning cloth
  • Designed to be worn over medium, oval, or round prescription eyewear frame shapes
  • Included with Rhinestones (Recommended for female customers)
  • Non Rx
  • 83.3 g / 2.94 oz
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 800304Lotus - Matte Black83.3 g / 2.94 oz
800306Lotus - Smoke Marble83.3 g / 2.94 oz
800307Lotus - Claret Stripe83.3 g / 2.94 oz
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