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Revolution Lead Skirt Base

Revolution Base Skirt features the comfort and style of the Revolution premium aprons, but in all of our in stock color options.

• 100+ in stock color options
• Built-in “Black Belt” for better lumbar support
• Partial overlap to increase protection
• Professionally designed for an exceptional fit and comfort

* Does not include Cool Wear, Revolution Fabric or Color Blocking

Standard Configuration:
Each front panel: .25 mm Pb (.5 mm Pb at overlap)
Back panel: .25 mm Pb


Female SizesRegular LeadLightweight CompositeGreenlite Lead-FreeKIARMOR
Revolution Skirt Base Female X-SmallB-103SF-XS-RLB-103SF-XS-LWB-103SF-XS-GLB-103SF-XS-KI
Revolution Skirt Base Female SmallB-103SF-S-RLB-103SF-S-LWB-103SF-S-GLB-103SF-S-KI
Revolution Skirt Base Female MediumB-103SF-M-RLB-103SF-M-LWB-103SF-M-GLB-103SF-M-KI
Revolution Skirt Base Female LargeB-103SF-L-RLB-103SF-L-LWB-103SF-L-GLB-103SF-L-KI
Revolution Skirt Base Female X-LargeB-103SF-XL-RLB-103SF-XL-LWB-103SF-XL-GLB-103SF-XL-KI
Revolution Skirt Base Female XX-LargeB-103SF-XXL-RLB-103SF-XXL-LWB-103SF-XXL-GLB-103SF-XXL-KI
Male SizesRegular LeadLightweight CompositeGreenlite Lead-FreeKIARMOR
Revolution Skirt Base Male SmallB-103SM-S-RLB-103SM-S-LWB-103SM-S-GLB-103SM-S-KI
RRevolution Skirt Base Male MediumB-103SM-M-RLB-103SM-M-LWB-103SM-M-GLB-103SM-M-KI
Revolution Skirt Base Male LargeB-103SM-L-RLB-103SM-L-LWB-103SM-L-GLB-103SM-L-KI
Revolution Skirt Base Male X-LargeB-103SM-XL-RLB-103SM-XL-LWB-103SM-XL-GLB-103SM-XL-KI
Revolution Skirt Base Male XX-LargeB-103SM-XXL-RLB-103SM-XXL-LWB-103SM-XXL-GLB-103SM-XXL-KI
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