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Scatter Armor Ablation Drape

The Peripheral Shield is used on peripheral procedures where the access is through the femoral artery. A common peripheral procedure is a run-off where a contrast dye is injected. The test is often done on the left leg, so the Peripheral Shield is placed along the right leg to protect the physician from scatter radiation.

  • 18.5″ x 20″ Shield Size
  • < 0.25mm LE Protection
  • < 92% at 90 KVp

How it Works

Sterile Scatter Armor Shields are placed on top of the patient drape to block scatter radiation at the source, creating a scatter-free zone, reducing harmful radiation exposure to the doctor or clinician.

One Time Use

Scatter Armor Shields are lead-free and disposable.


Packaged individually in sterile packets.


Scatter Armor Shields easily mold to the patient’s body for ease of use and maximum protection

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SA-ABLBox of 10 Scatter Armor Ablation Drape, Absorbent, No Fenestration, 18.5" x 20"

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