infab foamInfab Corporation’s experience with foam products dates back to 1970, when we were instrumental in designing new, innovative specialty seating fabrications for aircraft and helicopter pilots.  Many of our designs revolutionized the industry, providing comfortable and ergonomically correct seating where none had existed previously.  We have taken those many years of experience and since 1981, applied it to the wide range of products we now manufacture for the medical community. Not all foam products are alike.  There is a difference in quality. We use only the finest raw materials and fabricate every piece in our factory.  For the best in patient positioning, insist on Infab.

superfoamSuper Foam Antimicrobial
Our new “Super Foam Antimicrobial” works continuously, reducing the presence and transference of MRSA and other microbes by up to 99.97%

Material Features
Super Foam AM  Antimicrobial
Artifact Free
Our exclusive formula closed cell EVA foam
Will not stain or absorb liquids of any kinds, including blood, barium, or betadyne
Impervious to liquids, even when punctured or torn
More firm than Standard Foam
Excellent positioning block (Not recommended for table pads)
Standard Foam A first quality, fine cell, charcoal gray ester foam
Soft to the touch
Strong enough to withstand repeated washing, boiling or autoclaving
Named for it’s reputation as the industry standard
One of the lowest density foams available
Will not shadow or artifact
Satisfy all patient positioning block needs
Temper Foam Originally designed for NASA and used in the Space Shuttle Program
Utilized for an extensive array of products where absolute comfort is a must
“Molds” to the body
Ideally suited for table pads in Cath Labs, the O.R. or any environment where extended procedures are common
The absolute best in patient comfort