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RSNA Recap 2013

2013 RSNA Infab Lead ApronsWe would like to say thank you to everyone who made RSNA 2013 a great success for all of us here at Infab.
Throughout this year we have developed and launched new products that we feel change the radiation protection industry. RSNA 2013 was a true showcase for all of the hard work we have put in and to hear and see the reaction has been spectacular.
At RSNA we officially launched the all-new, 2014 KIARMOR core material. This is the lightest and most protective core material available today. A .5 mm KIARMOR Revolution Apron weighs less than our current .5 mm GreenLite Lead-Free. This is a truly groundbreaking product that we are excited to get in customers hands.
We also introduced some brand new products to our Revolution Product Line. The Revolution Base Vest and Skirt makes it easier for everyone to get into the most protective and best fitting aprons available today. Revolution Base Vest and Skirt aprons mark the first time the Revolution line has been available in our over 2,000 Nylon colors. The additions to Revolution Aprons didn’t stop there; we launched the all-new 600 Series Colors for Revolution Premium Aprons. These reverse color-blocked styles offer customers 6 new color options in our incredible Revolution Fabric.
Finally, we featured our incredible, industry changing, completely free, online-based apron tracking system Smart Track. Smart Track is the easiest way to inspect and track your radiation protective garments. Simply sign up for your FREE account and you can start entering your apron stock today. No fee upfront, no yearly renewal, just the best way to track all of your aprons, thyroid collars and more. All Infab aprons now ship with a built-in Smart Track barcode, making tracking Infab aprons even easier.
2014 is going to be an exciting time for all of you that have been so loyal to Infab over the years. We now offer the best fitting apron in the industry (Revolution Vest and Skirt) with the most protective and lightest core material (KIARMOR 2014) with a built in, easy-to-use apron tracking system.
Thank you to everyone who has helped make this possible, we look forward to the coming year and continuing to produce groundbreaking products to show at RSNA 2014.

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