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The Importance Of X-ray Mobile Barriers

The importance of X-ray mobile barriers

Medical imaging devices using X-rays have a wide application in modern healthcare facilities, including, but not limited to, mammography, interventional radiology, and cardiac evaluation. This can lead to both patients and healthcare workers being exposed to ionizing radiation, which is a known risk factor for cellular damage and the future development of cancer, though the risks are fairly low at diagnostic doses. For the patient the consideration is weighing the risk of exposure against the benefit the test or procedure will provide, and this may justify a significant exposure in order to obtain useful information or outcome.

The ALARA Principle

However, for medical staff the goal is always to minimize incidental radiation exposure as far as possible, especially as they will typically be performing many of these procedures as part of their work. This is formally described by the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) Principle, which guides safety practice for healthcare providers using ionizing radiation, and all other radiation workers, such as those working in the nuclear power industry.

X-Ray Mobile Barriers

X-rays from medical devices can scatter easily and therefore being able to stand directly behind a protective barrier that attenuates the radiation is one of the best protections if the worker has to be inside the room at the time the X-ray generating device is energized. In a modern medical setting one of the best solutions to achieve this is the deployment of an X-ray mobile barrier. These come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes to suit your imaging needs.

Choose Your Size

Perhaps you need a full height barrier to shield the entire body or maybe you need access to the patient during a procedure that uses X-ray fluoroscopy in real time but want to protect the lower body. Whatever is required, there is an X-ray mobile barrier that will match your needs. Our design uses powder-coated precision-TIG-welded steel frames, which completely enclose the shielding glass panels for maximum durability. They are built by hand, and custom colors and logos can be applied to match your facilities aesthetic.

Lead Equivalent Protection

The protection afforded by these barriers is quantified by their lead (Pb) equivalence, which is the thickness of pure lead they effectively match in their ability to shield radiation. For example, our acrylic windows are rated as having a lead equivalence of 0.5mm, which is sufficient to reduce incident 80 keV X-rays by over 95%. For higher energy x-rays, leaded glass windows with a lead equivalence of 2mm are available, which are capable of reducing higher energy incident 120 keV X-rays by over 99%, and which are even more effective at lower, less penetrating, energies.

Ease Of Movement

Whether you will want the acrylic solution or the higher stopping power of leaded glass will depend on the particular X-ray profile of the devices in question. For maximum protection our wide barriers provide large solid angle coverage, minimizing the potential for scattered radiation at oblique angles impacting those behind it. Each X-ray mobile barrier comes with robust swivel casters providing ease of movement for even the heaviest and most protective barriers.

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